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  • Arthur Galitsky
    General Manager
    (502) 429-0888

    I was born in Ukraine and then moved to Louisville when I was 2 years old.  I washed cars during the summer at the Neil Huffman Auto Group while I was in college.  I graduated from Lindsey Wilson College in 1998 and started selling cars for Neil Huffman the next week.  I didn't know sales would be my life-long profession at the time, but I loved helping customers so much that I never looked back.  I met my beautiful wife of over 17 years at Neil Huffman.  We have 2 amazing children, a son and a daughter.   I came to Neil Huffman Acura at Oxmoor as a manager in May of 2002 and have been here ever since.  I feel like there isn't a more customer-oriented store in the Louisville area.  When I'm not working you could find me embarking on some sort of adventure with my family.  You could say that the Neil Huffman group has been an important part of my life, both professionally and personally.

  • Nick Dampier
    New Car Sales Manager
    (502) 513-6008

    I have been with the Neil Huffman Auto Group since 1989, starting in detail. I have moved through various positions including Sales, Finance Manager, New Car Sales Manager, and Used Car Sales Manager. 

    I always provide excellent customer service before, during and after the sale. 

  • Hugh Ross
    Used Car Sales Manager
    (502) 822-2467

  • Bryce Willhite
    Service Manager
    (502) 429-0888

  • Mark McDougall
    Parts Manager
    (502) 429-0888

    I was born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky, but I have lived in Indiana for the past 16 years. I started in the automotive industry in 1985, and have been with Acura at Oxmoor since 1987. I have been with the Huffman group since they purchased Acura at Oxmoor in 1995.

  • Michael Stack*
    Sales & Leasing Expert
    (502) 353-1247

    My name is Michael Stack and I was born and raised in Louisville, KY where I have lived my entire life. I started with the Neil Huffman Auto Group in the late 90's as a salesperson and that is where I found my passion for sales. I worked in business sales after leaving the group thinking I may find a better industry…I was wrong. I decided to jump back into the only job I can ever say that I truly loved, and it was the right decision for me and my family. I was successful as a salesperson so much so that I was promoted to the Finance Director within a couple years. I have now been back with the company for 6 years and see a very bright future ahead. I am thankful for the challenges and wonderful people I meet on a daily basis…there is no business like the car business. Friends and Family are a BIG part of my life, so I try to spend as much time as possible with them when I am not working, but I also I enjoy playing golf, tennis or just hitting the gym in my spare time as well. My wife and I had our first son (Harrison) in August of 2015 and we couldn't be happier…he is truly a gift! I wanted to allow myself time to be a Dad and spend as much time with my wife and son, and so I decided to go back to sales and only do Finance two days a week now. It was the right move for me and my family, and I was actually fortunate enough to be awarded Salesman of the Year in 2016 and look forward to the years ahead. I am fortunate to work with and for such a wonderful family!

    2016 Awards

    Sales Consultant of the Year

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  • Ashley Sims
    Sales & Leasing Expert
    (502) 822-5374

    2015 Acura Council of Sales Leadership - Gold Level
    2016 Acura Council of Sales Leadership - Silver Level
    2017 Acura Council of Sales Leadership - Silver Level

    My name is Ashley Sims and I was born and raised in Dallas, TX! I decided to take a leap of faith and move to Louisville, KY about 6 years ago! I'm a chihuahua mom, I enjoy hitting the gym and spending time with my friends and the little bit of family that I have here!

    I have been with the Neil Huffman Auto Group since since February of 2014 and in the car business since May of 2013. Prior to that I have always been in sales! I have been very fortunate to win a few awards from Acura during my career here! I am very knowledgeable about the product and definitely NOT your typical pushy car salesman.

    Acura makes a great product! In fact, I have been driving an Acura since I was 18! The Huffman Group was the perfect fit for me, especially working for a brand that I truly believe in!

    Please contact me at (502) 822-5374 or Ashley.Sims@neilhuffman.com with any questions about the car buying process or to set up an appointment to come in!

  • Matthew Gandy
    Sales & Leasing Expert
    (502) 822-8280

    2017 Awards
    March Sales Consultant of the Month

  • Matthew Mutchler
    Sales & Leasing Expert
    (502) 519-0510

    2017 Awards

    December Sales & Leasing Expert of the Month

  • Henry Lewis
    Sales & Leasing Expert
    (502) 791-5288

    2017 Awards

    May Sales Consultant of the Month

  • Blake Wray
    Sales & Leasing Expert
    (502) 365-5523

    My name is Blake Wray and I have lived here locally for the last 10 years. I have been with Neil Huffman Auto Group for just a few short months. I have been in the auto industry for a year now. I love what I do and where I work! Being newer to the business allows me to be very alert and aware of my client's needs.

    I am very focused and passionate about ensuring my customers are treated respectfully and fairly; even if you do not buy from me. I am nowhere close to being burned out or uninterested in what I do. I am humbled to have a family of five starting with my beautiful wife Helen, and my 3 boys Tynan, Pierson, and Sevrin. They are all under the ages of 3! They are my world outside of work as you can imagine. I love spending time with my family and enjoy watching sports (GO CARDS) when I can. I don't really have any hobbies as my life is filled with enough to keep me busy for a long time. Allow me the opportunity to show you how I (and we) do things differently!

  • Tyler Engleman*
    Service Advisor
    (502) 429-0888

    2016 Awards 
    Service Advisor of the Year 

    2017 Awards 
    February Service Advisor of the Month 
    June Service Advisor of the Month

    2018 Awards
    February Service Advisor of the Month

  • Justin Yussman
    Express Service Advisor
    (502) 429-0888

  • Samantha Gonzalez
    Service Concierge
    (502) 429-0888

  • Samantha Simmons
    Service Concierge
    (502) 429-0888

  • Terrence Horn
    Parts Advisor
    (502) 429-0888

    I was born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky. I have been in the auto businesses since 1986, and with Neil Huffman Acura at Oxmoor since 1990. My hobbies are cars and motorcycles.

  • Nick Schoonover
    Assistant Parts Manager
    (502) 429-0888

    I was born in Ft. Hauchuca, AZ, and I was raised in Louisville, KY. I have been in the automobile industry since 1987, and 18 of those years have been with Acura. I started as a driver, and progressed to Assistant Parts Manager.

  • Mike Miller
    Parts Advisor
    (502) 429-0888

  • Victoria Ware
    (502) 429-0888

  • Jessica Woodward
    (502) 429-0888

  • Shawn Cassidy
    Inventory Marketing Specialist
    (502) 429-0888