Maintenance Service Codes

When your Acura becomes due for service, you might see a letter/number combination pop up in the dashboard. Below is a breakdown of what the most common codes stand for... still have questions? We are always available to answer your concerns: contact us online or give us a call at (888) 450-4095.

Oil Life PercentagesMessage   
What Does It Mean?
15% Remaining        Service Due SoonStart to think about taking your vehicle in for an oil change.
10% Remaining   Service Due NowIt is recommended that you take your vehicle in for service.
0% Remaining    Service Past DueService is overdue. 
Maintenance Letters

AReplace engine oil.
BReplace engine oil & filter and inspect various internal components

Maintenance Numbers

1Rotate tires, check tire pressure & condition.
2Replace air cleaner element, check drive belt and replace dust & pollen filter.
3Replace transmission fluid & transfer fluid (if applicable)
4Replace spark plugs, timing belt (if applicable), inspect water pump and valve clearance.
5Replace engine coolant.
6Replace rear differential fluid (if applicable).